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Choosing Colours & Fabrics To Suit Surroundings

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Once the door shuts behind us we can emerse ourselves in the joy of our surroundings.   If we have the colours that calm us and make us feel we belong in our space.  When we go out to shops and out of town superstores we are treated to a visual display that is so huge and varied, it’s almost impossible to pin down tastes.  There are so many designs and choices out there, it can be rather difficult to select exactly the combination of size furniture in what sort of colours.  If we have the money, it makes sense to do the full works, curtains and roller blinds, in the colours that exactly match or co-ordinate with the carpets and sofa for example.   It can be rather difficult to do soft furnishings in the kitchen – it’s imperative to select fabrics and materials that can cope with hot, steamy, greasy air.  Easy clean is definitely the phrase here.