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Cream With Sprinkling of Colour – Perfect

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I have made a great discovery this year – as I don’t often get involved in seeking out curtains, I’ve noticed that this year’s colour scheme has at last moved away from geometric blocks and patterns in grey, black, grey & red, grey.  Apart from giving me a headache over what I should choose for my own needs, I was really pleased to discover the ghastly funereal colour schemes have gone and we are big in pastels and floral patterns.  This is where the dilemma arrives.  I need to change my curtains in the family room which is formed from the L shaped kitchen.  I therefore have a cream sofa, wooden effect tek wall, ceramic stone floor tiles ad real oak floor boards to co-ordinate with.  I need a cream background curtain with a sprinkling of colours so I can pick one to co-ordinate. I chose a pattern and ordered two pairs of side curtains and the very wide and long patio ones.