Decorating a Small House or Apartment

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When you have a small space to deal with, it can be difficult to know the best ways to decorate so you can maximise the space. Here are some top ways to decorate your tiny space so you have the most room available and you love your little home!

Defining the separate areas of your small home is an important first step. Often, the smaller homes and apartments are fairly open plan by nature, so making up individual areas for different spaces is a good way to organise your room and your posessions. Put coat and shoe racks by the entrance door to act like a hallway, perhaps position a table between the kitchen and dining areas and back your sofa up against the foot of your bed to separate the living room from the bedroom area.

Multipurpose furniture is a key way to maximise space whilst having nice things! Try looking for a bed which can convert into a sofa when not in use, or perhaps use an ottoman as a storage area cum dining area. Be open with some inventive new ideas and different ways to use furniture. Also look for smaller sized versions of things like sofas, beds and tables – oversized pieces will make your rooms look smaller!