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Decorating Duties Allocated To Dad

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This is a truly messy time of year – the storms have been coming for days and every time we go out for our daily walk, we bring more and more of the mucky outside indoors when we return.  It is depressing.  It also makes me think of having a really good refurbishment phase at home.   Decorating and refurnishing the house – always the done thing for spring in years gone by.   Our family definitely used to spruce up the sitting room and often the dining room too, if fund allowed, and if Dad was at home for long enough to complete the task.  We were a services family and Dad would often be posted abroad where he could not be accompanied, so we stayed put and entertained our family and friends.  No one thought of decorating or rearranging the house, it was always Dad’s job!  He was very good at the preparation work and so the painting of woodwork was always very neat and briskly done.  Ship shape in vocation and nature!