Design Tips for Choosing the Right Colour Palette

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Choosing paint colours can seem like a daunting task when you flick through the reams of different paint charts and companies available through your local DIY shop! There are hundreds of colours, formulas and paint styles to choose from. How on Earth do you narrow down the choices to the right fit for your home? Follow our advice to get the best colour palette for your entire home…

When you are decorating a whole house using one colour palette, make a mental note of which rooms are directly next to one another. Take a walk through your home and note down which rooms are visible from other rooms – perhaps make a rough sketch of your floorplan to help you.

Choose a colour for your largest, most central room first. This is probably going to be the kitchen or the living room. This is a great place to begin your whole house colour palette choosing! Stick to a soft, neutral shade for the main room – if you are really stuck, you can’t go wrong with plain old white.

Once you have chosen the main room colour, pick a few other shades of the same hue for the adjacent rooms.  You could try picking the next shade up or down on the colour chart or even have the same paint mixed with more white at the DIY shop.