Don’t Make these Kitchen Layout Mistakes!

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The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in our homes – where we cook our meals, entertain guests, relax and get ready for our busy days. It is so important that your new kitchen is not only a lovely room to spend time in, but is functional as well. No matter what styles or designs you like, the layout of your kitchen will make a big difference to the use of the room and help you to achieve a practical yet beautiful room.

Think of your kitchen as a sort of triangle. This is the shape of the sink, fridge and cooker generally. These three areas require the most action normally, so make sure that these aspects are not awkward to access, or in odd places. The sink needs to have easy access to the cooker and the fridge, as well as counter tops. Of course, the sink needs to be near plumbing – if your current plumbing is in an odd place, do consider getting a plumber to move pipes and things to the correct location.

There is a numerical formula to follow when planning your kitchen triangle; if the sum of all the sides of your kitchen triangle are less than ten feet, or more than twenty five feet, you need to rethink! Anything smaller and you end up tripping over each other, more than that you end up becoming exhausted getting dinner ready!