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Don’t Skimp Priming – It’s False Economy

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If you want to dress up your home but have limited funds, it’s possible to update colour schemes much more easily these days.  Paint, varnish and stains are available in the most incredible range of colours and materials.    Take the kitchen cabinets for example – if  you’re fed up with the same old birch or beech colour, it’s now very easy to paint them with specialist products which are much more waterproof and rub proof – the vinyl content making them so much more wearable in a busy environment that needs constant washing down.  Before commencing, scrub every part of the cupboard doors with sugar soap (wear rubber gloves), to remove as much dirt and grease as possible.  When dry, sand down and wipe down again with damp cloth. When fully dry, apply primer – this will help the top coat to sit and last for much longer.  The application of the primer can seem pricey and unneccesary but this is false economy.