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Family Home Expansion Brings Great Excitement

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I have watched with interest the expansion of my neighhbour’s house.  When these properties were built some twenty odd years ago, they were described as very nice ‘spacious executive 4 bed detached’ and we felt like the bees-knees when my family took the keys and moved in to our very own.  We had been to look at the show house in the previous December, liked what we saw and discovering the developer intended to release only 3 at a time, we beat the rush o other fans by taking more than the requested cash holding deposit with us.    We moved in 3 months later almost to the day and I can’t tell you how exciting those intervening months had been.  It ws all a flurry of disposing of our own house – done via their part exchange scheme.  The excitement over what decor to choose and what colour carpet cannot be exaggerated – this is the same with my neighbour who has had their kitchen expanded, to make the house look huge!