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Fashionable Corset Pink In the Vestibule

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When I was working as a room guide at a local historic house, we had many visitors come just to see the entrance vistibule which was painted in a particular shade of pink.  To describe it would probably cause eyebrows to rise in an amused fashion.  The actual shade is what older ladies would shyly refer to as ‘corset pink’ because it is the exact shade, slightly pale coral pnk that brings back memories of our ancient gradmothers in their undergarments.  It is not a flattering hue.  However, a very famous doyen of the decorating world inthe late 1920s and up to the 1970s lived at this particular house and after buying one of the most well known paint studios known – this particular shade of pink bears her name and it has graced many a family’s country seat since those days.