Female Painter Really Finished The Job With Aplomb

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I have never had a great calling towards the art of home decorating.  In fact I’m very ashamed to say that I have not so much as painted a wall beyond the small scale try outs with different mini pots to check a shade or two.  I really do appreciae the talents of the well practiced painter and decorator and actually envy them their flair and lack of inhibition!  The last time my house had any kind of decorating was in autumn two years ago, after the massive kitchen renovation – the complete ripping out and replacement with a fabulous all shiny white and dark wood themed wall to wall beauty.    Despite having nearly double the number of wall cabinets and drawers, I still had some wall left around those and so I booked a painter to come and finish off the project.  To m,y joy she turned out to be a real gem and made a fab job – painting around someone’s brand new edged wall decals is no mean feat.  A professional painter really is the only way to get the top job done without fuss, mess or painful ear bashing.l