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First Flat Furnished With Pre Auction Haul

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The first time I was faced with an empty unfurnished flat was grim.  I’d had to make a swift move from my previous digs and had accepted a short term tenancy for six months just to sort myself out.  Well the first weekend was frantic, trying to get the electricity connected so I could see what I was doing.  A winter move meant short daylight hours and no heating.   No chance of seeing to any decorating but with respect to furnishing, I was lucky enough to live near a very large family furnishing store.  They were well known for supplying second hand stuff to the local auction house – where folk had taken delivery of a brand new item and slipped the delivery man a fiver to take their old stuff away.   Well if  you were quick on a Thursday after the van got back, you could mill around in the yard and get first pickings on anything before it got recorded to be auctioned.   I still had the oak bedroom suite, oak dining set and a sideboard several house moves later – and now a granddaughter happily has them in her first house!  Quality furnishings last for ever!