Furnishing Fashions Have Gone Gone Full Circle

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Everybody loves getting new furniture and furnishings.   It’s part of life’s rich tapestry to be able to furnish your home with the best, the lastest and certainly critcal, most economical you can afford.  At one time we would have paid the deposit for our first house and anxiously wait for the mortgage to come through and then another nail biting few weeks whilst the conveyancing process slowly crawled along.  Then we had our first misgivings – what are we going to furnish it with?!   Well in those days it was usually a case of taking whatever great aunts and grandparents were getting shot of.  Old brown wood chest of drawers and wardrobes that served them so well and were still thought of a fairly new . . . All these were a great help to get us started but then we got on our own two buying feet and we have fantastic out of twon emporiums that supply every conceivable shape of sofa, recliner chair, dining set and bedroom ensemble.  Colours have become lighter and brighter and wood is very much back on the list of must haves by the discerning buyer.  Hurrah