Furnishing The Home To Keep Holiday Memories Alive

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We all need to have a change of scene now and again.  Whether that’s by way of a holiday cottage  tucked away in a quaint village or a chalet on a holiday park.  Being away from home is often a great tonic.  There are the surroundings that are so different to around our home, it’s refreshing to go striding out in the woods or around the village, iscovering old places and marvelling at their quaintness.  Furnishing a home on a theme has the same effect for a while.   Those qaint little fishmes’ cottages that nestle aainst the hillside or line the tiny harbour streets always make us feel nostalgic and yearning for rturn to a very most favourite area.  One way to recapture the holiday joy is to replicate the decor of the major room and maybe a bedoom or two.  Choosing furniture that co-ordinates with the rest of the decorating ideas and keeping to a particular theme helps.