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Getting Downsizing Into Perspective

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Whilst waiting for a programme to come on the other night, I caught the end of one of an endless loop of home refurbishment, decorating and furnishing shows that seem to capture everyone’s heart.   I haven’t seen a whole episode for ages and this one was from only last year.  Very recent then and current as far as trends in decor and furnishing are concerned.  I was amazed at all of the properties shown – the couple had sold a large five bedroomed executive house on an estate and were as usual, needing to down-size to a small character home in a village.    The host of the show was diplomatic, as always but the sense of rediculous was hard to mask.  Madame was finding it impossible to adjust to cottage sized rooms and seemed intent on demanding a massive kitchen and bathroom and at least one ensuite bedroom.   The final property did have beautiful decor – simply stunning in fact, which helped mask some of its other inadequacies!