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Getting Help For Mrs Mop & The Decorating Team

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At this time of year the magazines are full of decorating ideas.  In fact, they start around the last week of January.  The spring cleaning is supposed to take place before the good weather really begins, to the house is literally stripped down, all surfaces thoroughly cleaned and any spare furnishings can be sent to the dry cleaners and the rest stored in another room whilst the clean and decoration work occurs.  In the old days before both mum and dad had full time jobs, the lady of the house would be the instigator of the clean up operation.  Aluminium pales full of hot water from the copper would be used with carbolic soap and a good scrubbing brush and plenty of elbow grease. Didn’t do much for her knees but by golly the house was clean.  Today we can choose to have help in all aspects of cleaning and decorating.  There are companies very able in both and at most reasonable fees.  For the mum who can’t and probably wouldn’t if she could!