Keeping The Furnishings Classic Yet Relevant

, Author

After a year and half of not being able to go out to all those fantastic furnishing emporiums, some of my pals have found themselves yanked out over a weekend, simply so Madam can get back in to the routine of meandering around the ones that survived the lockdown.  But this time, not a case of just looking, oh no, there’s been plenty of splashing the cash too, as if the pandemi had starved them all of this one lifetime pleasure.  Most husbands couldn’t give a toss about the co-ordinating nature of the carpets to curtains or what the latest ideas are for carpeting the stairs.  Their worry is more on the bank balance that could be feeling less bouncy because of the shortened hours that were suffered by most earners.  So to be able to go furnishing shopping and really enjoy it – knowing what is currently in fashion and trying to second guess the next fad.  Or simply deciding on a classic colourway and buying items connected via that.  Always a winner.