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Matching Curtain Colour Or Wall Colour . . .

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I’ve had such a dilemma of late.  After having a splendid new kitchen fitted this  summer, I had to choose what to do about painting the walls around and next to the new cabinets.   I could have kept the old colour wit the curtains etc if the new cabinets had been the same size, but of course, having had the double oven moved to the other side of the kitchen, I now have a whacking great gap in the silk ivory.  So I got all the materials and accessories needed to paint the walls myself but realised I was not physically able to undertake this.  Getting a paint roller up above the top cupbboards would be a heroic task too far.   So I cajoled a decorator friend of ine to break their retirement just for tis one job.  The delimma as been what do about curtains – should I go for ones with a particular cdolour theme I can co-ordinate with in paint, or do I go white walls, colourful curtains.  Hmmm!