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Matching Suite Covers Stretching The Point A Bit

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Whenever my Womens’ magazines arrive, I leaf through them with muted enthusiasm – fearing that the clothes will be either too young, too old, always too dear . . .  In fact I’ve found myself looking down the menu page, ignoring those and heading straight for the decorating and furnishing sections.  It must be a sign of maturity now that I have to own up to being much older than people think!  The sight of those wonderful matching curtains and bedding sets seem to send a thrill down the spine as never before.  I was looking at the advert for a well known supplier of fitted covers for lounge suites.  There was a particularly attractive floral ensemble with colours that would exactly match my feature wall.  It then occured to me that if they were promoting the product with a ‘massive £300 pounds off’, then my desired furnishing combination would have to be a couple of thousand £ to start with.    I decided for the time being, a pep up with new cushions in an exact shade would help bring some decorating cohesion to the room.