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Overdoing The Wallpaper Co-Ordination

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Modern decorating materials really are the way of keeping the house in very presentable condition.   There are some fantastic new materials on the market but as with any era, careful choices of what to put together is down to an inbuilt taste – or lack of it. The beauty of a modern paper is the variety of colours available.  However it can be rather too easy to overdo this – I still shudder at the thought of a colleague’s house when I saw she had two different papers on the walls and these clashed completely with the flooring and again with the curtains.  She literally chose her favourite of each item, but didn’t worry at all that none of them went with anything else.    I don’t know why I was surprised though because she chose her clothes in the same manner – I well remember her striding into the office with a navy pencil skirt with a neat red pinstripe, topped by a flame orange and yellow cardigan, and a green blouse.  The impact was eye catching, as she desired, but not perhaps for the right reason!