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Pastel Colours Bring Contentment

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The arrival of autumn does bring with it a feeling of restlessness – do we have time to decorate the lounge / dining room / hallway etc. in time for Christmas.  Does that dear comfy old sofa in the sitting room need to be replaced – will a new one arrive in time?!   With these considerations come the trooping en masse to the out of town devorating emporiums.  It’s been a more interesting colour palette on offer these last couple of seasons.  I’m so glad abot that myself.  Nothing depressed me more than the five or six seasons when we were confronted by grey everything.  New sofas surrounded by grey carpets and grey patterned window dressings.  It is not a cheery hue.  In fact it’s positively cold.  I’m sure some advertising guys and furniture stores made a very tidy packet out of that sombre phase – and I hope they will now get the families back in for a brighter, warmer outlook in their decor.