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Positivity Oozes From Pretty Palest Of Pastels

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We will have been in this house for eighteen years this spring.  That’s the longest I’ve lived in any house, ever.  I’m quite proud of this but I’m not so proud that in those years, I have only had the place fully redorcorated once, after I’d been here 13 years.  For the last few seasons, the massive decorating and DIY industry has been showing a rather drab selection of colours the the current theme.  They must all be in cahoots together because for some years the trend has been a grim and tacky grey / black / silver / red colourway.  Everywhere you went these emporiums promoted the same very limited palette.  The industry is powerful and this extends down to the magazines that deal with furnishings and decorating – they reflect what is being pushed on the public.  Hurrah then that now we are in a very much more positive place and all the big suppliers are reflecting this with beautiful pastel shades of pale yellows, creams, pinks and other very attractive hue.  At last, it seems that the tide of misery has gone and positive light thinking replaces it!