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Professional Decorator Really Does Miracle Job

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The last time I had my  house decorated was five years ago.  It was quite an undertaking too.  My chum mentioned that a pal of hers was coming back to dear old Blighty for a few weeks to do a decorating project.  I quipped ‘send him here – there’s a project needing attention . . .’  Well, that started a ball rolling.  She spoke to said friend who said he’d have a spare two weeks and could oblige, so we arranged he’d stay over in the spare room to cut costs and time.  I was amazed when he did actually turn up on the day and got going before he’d even taken his coat off!  He was a true professional – I’d never seen anyone work so quickly, quietly and efficiently.  He didn’t go from room to room as I’d imagined either.  No, once I’d swept and cleaned as appropriate, he did all the ceilings first and then walls.  All the doors and gloss areas were last.  It was the most eye opening experience of my life watching this chap transform my shabby chic home into a cleaner brighter place with such enthusiasm and evident joy!