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Professional Paint Job Looks and Lasts Better

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It was a fairly quiet and ver muted festive period this time . . .  none of the usual meeting up with family and friends with masses of food and drink to gorge ourselves on.   None of the sitting round with the paint charts and decorating ideas magazines choosing what projects took our fancy this coming year.   For several christmas seasons, this has been quite a big part of our relax and down time.  We don’t usually get more than one project off the drawing board but the planning and discussing ideas is always good for the mind and soul.    As these options are a bit limited in the current conditions, I will be hiring a local chap to do my most immediate decorating needs – taking the internal doors down for a quick sand and very good gloss coat.  A professional chap really does make all the difference to a room – the finish will always be that much better and it will last longer too.