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Professional Painter Colour Choice Always Stunning

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Oh how confusing the subject of home decorating and refurnishing can become!  I like the idea of different colours in each room but when I had my house completely redecorated by a true professional, he only had a very set time slot available to me so scotched all such ideas and said one colour throughout was the name of the game.  He helped raise my now flagging spirits by recommending a pale sunny ivory colour, nothing like the pinky magnolia he was was replacing.  He was absolutely correct too when he said it would last for ages and look good in any light.  I had never considered that aspect before – when  you enter a room, to look left to right all the way round to appreciate the light and shade created by natural daylight through windows.  It differs tremendously over the average 16 hours of waking time!  This ivory silk still looksas  light and airy on a dull rainy day as it does on a bright sunny one, quite miraculously.