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Shabby Chic Old Roses Reign Supreme

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Every year there are phases and themes of decorating that breeze in and breeze back out again just as quickly.  The fad for florals has been with us for a year and I did think it was passing through but no. . . .  in a recent up market homes and countrystyle magazine, there were many advertisements for sweet romantic roses round the cottage door style of curtaining and matching blinds.  I found one or two a little overpowering but for the designer it was achance to show how to bring the garden inside.  The same with one or two tree prints – many of this year’s themes include tall trees in their design, combined with roses, lillies and other flora based beauties, it is a perfect way to bring that calmness and tranquility a garden naturally exudes.  For a long time we seem to have a very shabby chic french theme running through these more expensive magazine shoots.   Everything seemed to bebased in a french gite or villa, tucked away in very lovely countryside and this reminded many a family of their summer escapades!