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Sisters With Opposite Tastes In Home Styles

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However we like to present our homes to visitors and family, there is no doubt that the plainer the finish, the bigger and more orderly it looks.  I know two sisters who are so the opposite each other when it comes to their decorating and furnishing tastes, it’s amazing there’s any family likeness at all!  One of them likes a seriously minimalist appearance, no ornaments, photographs,  pets and definitely no clutter about.  She’s absolutely fanatical about cleaning the house, especially the areas that are to be seen and touched by other humans.   Her walls are mostly plain pale coffee colour,  according to how sunny it is.  The flooring is all solid wood and of course the soft furnishings compliment the walls perfectly.  Her sister is completely the opposite – chintzey suites with plenty of cushions, the curtains are floral, matching one of the flowers in the floral suite combo.  The walls are mostly plain, painted a toning shade matching any one of the combination. It’s a much happier and more comfortable home though and I just love being able to eat and drink there without having a nervous breakdown if the biscuits are crumbly!