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The Excitement Of A Home Reno Project

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Just getting me as far as the local tile warehouse and showroom has been quite an exciting journey of late.  I’m not really known for my adventurous spirit when it comes to home decor or furnishing.  However, some years ago a family friend came to my rescue when my ensuite shower packed up.  Within weeks I found myself on the first forays of a remarkable journey – to have the bathrooms and said ensuite transformed into modern palaces of porcelain wonder.  I have never looked back or regretted the expenditure – every time I use one or other facility I revel in the clean lines.  I had very futuristic tiling and the state of the art press button showers.  Ease of  use has been exactly why I was given the hint by my plumber and installer.  I so wish he was still operating . . . but dealing with kitchens.   That’s my next biggie and it’s worn my brain out just selecting the right cabinets with the worktops and tiles – ye gods what a choice!