The Home Decor & Reno Industry Has Never Been Busier

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We live in a very fast paced world these days – nothing stays the same for long, decor and furnishing styles waft in and out of fashion far more often than they used to and new ideas and fads seem to hit the high street via the magazine racks in a constant shift.   This is down to instant access to ideas and themes through social media and video channels with instant marketing and imagary.  I am always amazed that having seen a change of colour direction in the top magazines one month, these are being cascaded down through the cheaper, every day magazines only a couple of months later.  Whereas in past years, new ideas would take at least a decade to become acceptable!  We are all a lot more adventurous now because we know the materials are generally very affordable.  The out of town diy emporiums are stocked to the gunnel with preparation, primers and paint materials.  Everything is there from plain egshell emulsion to the lastest star burst metallic paint for that fantastic feature finish on the -\\+ chimney breast.  The mirrriad of decorating and renovating programmes serve to inspire and encourage these enterprises;  business in that area of industry has bnever been brisker!