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The Professional Decorator Really Excels

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I was lucky enough to have the services of a professional handyman and decorator a few years ago.  He’s the best buddy of someone I know who lives abroad.   This chap seems to work at phenominal speed and is always popping up in their village helping folk and doing just about all the repairs and maintenance jobs you can imagine.  Obviously he gets paid – pretty handsomely too.  His work is amazing.  Very clean and tidy;  nothing left undone but in a very ordered fashion.  This little man is like a whirling dirvish when time is short and yet the standard of work never fails to exceed expectations.  It turns out he worked for one of the big heritage charities and cut his teeth on doing very skilled painting and touching up and restoration work inside and very fast and efficient maintenance outside.  In those properties all this work had to be done unseen by visitors so it was a case of getting in and doing the job super fast but really expertly, between opening hours.   That’s the sort of service decorators offer here and it’s really worth the money to have that professionalism for our own homes.